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Despite rapidly growing storage needs due to an explosion of data across edge, cloud and core, many organisations are hanging on to legacy storage or trying in vain to make public cloud work for them.

For many businesses, managing data storage is a complex and time-consuming task that keeps team members from focusing on their real priorities. Meanwhile users expect a cloud-like experience and get frustrated when on-prem hardware can’t keep up, leading to shadow IT and a lack of central control.

It doesn’t have to be this way anymore. But what factors should you consider when choosing storage that’s fit for the data age?


What’s the market-leading solution?

With traditional apps designed for on-prem infrastructure and newer ones often cloud-native, the ideal storage solution gives you the best of both worlds.

Dell EMC’s PowerStore appliance gives you a cloud-like experience with a hybrid infrastructure, so you can achieve consistency of operations and a secure environment, but also have the flexibility to spin up VMs quickly from any device.


  • Solutions for every size business, from SMBs to enterprise.
  • Maintain user experience and avoid shadow IT.
  • Automate time-consuming admin tasks.
  • OpEx consumption model for on-prem and cloud through Apex.
  • Optimised for performance, scalability and efficiency.

Find out how best to bring your storage up to date.

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Meet the experts

Simon Younger

Simon Younger

Senior Partner SE
Dell Technologies

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Chris Holloway

EMEA Midrange specialist lead
Dell Technologies

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