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Here, we get honest about the costs and benefits, and explain how to make sure you choose the right solution.

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Legacy networks were not built for the cloud era. 

Private data centres and end users in offices simply does not describe the world we work in today. SD-WAN allows you to connect your users to the data and applications they need wherever they are. And it’s able to do so more securely and efficiently than a traditional network.

But with more than 70 different propositions on the market and service providers calling for you to sign your next 5-year MPLS contract, how do you cut through all the noise around SD-WAN to make a sensible decision? 

Key questions

  • How do you maintain and optimise application and network performance when you’re not always in control?
  • How do you balance both security and application performance demands in your network architecture?
  • How do you know a service provider has your best interests in mind?
  • How do you cut through all the noise around SD-WAN and make a sensible decision?

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The performance benefits may be clear, but the value proposition and TCO are not necessarily clear cut, so we have put together this guide to help.

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